Thursday, 13 September 2012

CPD, who has responsibility?

We all know the rules and requirements of CPD for Practioner Psychologists. We also know that it is in the interests of our practice and the support we offer to others, to stay up to date with professional development. For those of us who are employed there is an expectation that our employer will provide CPD or foot the bill. For those of us who are self-employed there is obviously a need to source and pay for our own. Is there a point at which the two cross over? Is there some form of CPD that would benefit you directly in your practice, that would make little or no difference in business or efficiency terms for your employer. Are there just things you are plain interested in? Are there things you could be doing to help yourself?
We need to bear in mind that many daily activities count towards CPD. None of us can practice without supervision and this counts. Teaching individuals, managing provisions, reading articles, networking with other professionals - all of these things count towards the maintenance of CPD. In a climate of fiscal austerity, take responsibility for some of your own CPD and find training or interests that inspire and motivate you to take ownership of your own CPD. Tackle the issue head on and gain a sense of choice and autonomy in where you place your attention. Both you and the individuals you support will make greater gains than attendance at perfunctory training in areas that hold little professional passion for you.