Thursday, 22 November 2012

Empathy & Compassion in Society Conference

Tomorrow marks a unique opportunity for those involved in the fields of policy, education, health and social care to come together to hear internationally acclaimed scientists, leaders and change makers in a series of presentations and workshops focused on Empathy & Compassion in Society. The Conference actually begins with a free event for young people, an encouraging sign that the focus of empathy and compassion will begin with hope for the future and the encouragement of our young people to award status to these ideas.
The conference is being supported by a range of organisations dedicated to making a diference in the daily lives of individuals and the overarching consideration of national and international peoples.
As a group of psychologists we are committed to active investment in cutting edge science and provision of services to enable as many individuals as possible to achieve their potential. As a result we are endeavouring to stay abreast of such movements and to incorporate these ideas into our work with individuals and organisations.
The publication of the Winterbourne report, after the revelations of the dreadful treatment of those within the care system at Winterbourne, gave particular emphasis to the importance of compassion in the care and support of vulnerable people. We will attend the conference and hopefully let you have feedback on how it goes and what outcomes there may be. Watch this space....

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