Friday, 25 January 2013

not a neuropsychologist but a clinical psychologist interested in neuropsychology

I am a clinical psychologist and have a  particular interest in neuropsychology and am experienced in conducting neuropsychological assessments.  When working in Australia I was a member of the (4-person) organizing committee, and also presented at, Novita Children’s Services (formerly the Crippled Children’s Association) inaugural Acquired Brain Injury conference - the first Australian ABI conference that focused on children.  The conference has become a biannual event. 
At the same time I established (with another psychologist and two social workers) a Brain Injury Support Service for children and adolescents with acquired brain injuries.  We received referrals for neuropsychological assessments, rehabilitation programmes, and for the education and support of schools in reintegrating children back into the learning environment.  Individual therapy and family support was included.

Building upon my interest, my current research involves looking at the role of memory in the development of post traumatic stress disorder in adult patients who have spent time in Intensive Care

From a therapist's perspective I have looked at the therapeutic environments of people living with dementia in enabling them to feel emotionally secure and therefore less distressed.  This thesis was completed as part of a Diploma in Disability Psychotherapy run by Frankish Training.  This work has been presented and published at the 2012  British Psychological Society Faculty of Psychology of Older People (FPoP), formerly PSIGE, conference in Bristol, UK: “Application of the Frankish Model of emotional development in the therapeutic holding of people with dementia: A pilot study”.  For more information about helping older people to age well see

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